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Saturday January 8 2022
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Covid-19: S-E Asia

HK residents, businesses reeling from return of tougher Covid-19 restrictions

170 guests of birthday party attended by Hong Kong officials ordered into quarantine.

Omicron pushes US Covid-19 hospitalisations towards record high

Health officials have warned that the sheer number of infections caused by Omicron could strain hospital systems.

How China is keeping to its strict zero-Covid-19 approach

China is now among the last places still hewing to zero tolerance for the virus.

Asian Insider

In Asia's polls, will China or US win?

Bread-and-butter issues tend to dominate elections. But, increasingly, it matters where candidates stand on US and China.



New restrictions as Hong Kong faces fifth wave of Covid-19

Every week, The Straits Times analyses the latest developments in Hong Kong.

Indonesia's 2022 ban on coal exports and its effects

The Straits Times analyses South-east Asia's top news developments in this weekly podcast.

Profound destabilisation: Author Amitav Ghosh on climate change, the future

Each month, The Straits Times' US bureau chief Nirmal Ghosh presents an Asian perspective of the week's global talking points with expert guests.


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