Singapore Landing Page post Budget 2017 - Feb 21, 2017

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Life In Food With Violet Oon: Quest for the best briyani

Dum briyani is among the most elegant and alluring ways to enjoy the pleasures of rice, says the cooking doyenne.

Interactive: How has the design of HDB homes in Singapore changed over the years?

They reflect the changing lifestyles of Singaporeans over past decades.

Flying during Covid-19: When will Singapore’s air travel take off again?

Experts are warning about a turbulent return to pre-pandemic levels of travel.

Interactive: First panda cub born in S'pore - he's unbearably cute

Born in Singapore, bound for China at age two. What’s in store for our favourite bundle of fur?


Decluttering, organising: Why is slotting instead of stacking items better?

Looking for decluttering inspiration for a clean start to the new year? Watch a professional organiser work on a cluttered home.

Omicron may double risk of getting infected on planes

People sitting near to each other should try not to be unmasked at the same time during meals, said Iata's medical adviser.


ST CloseUp: Zhng - Inside the world of modified cars

It's not tough to spot them on the roads. They are the ones with the flashy, colourful lights and  loud, roaring engines.

ST CloseUp: Becoming an influencer in 30 days

What are the hacks of these influencers, and how much of what one sees on Instagram is faked?

ST CloseUp: Cyclists versus pedestrians in battle of the sidewalks

Serious collisions have plagued Singapore's overcrowded sidewalks in recent years.


Starting Primary 1 during Covid-19: What parents should know

Parents can support and prepare their kids for this new phase without scaring them. 

Fun With Kids: Diggersite, homage to amusement parks, animated series El Deafo

Make family time all the more special with these ideas and activities.



Hot Bods: Balance and enjoyment important in keeping up fitness lifestyle

Meet flight attendant Mandi Cheung, 27, and Mr Brandon Teo, 29, associate business development director.

Changi General Hospital rolls out programme to treat performing artistes

The clinic evaluates and treats medical conditions afflicting dancers, instrumentalists and vocalists.

Courts & Crime

Maid on trial for murdering employer's mother-in-law was 'normal' the day before

The maid is likely to rely on a psychiatric report to contend that her mental responsibility for her acts was diminished.

Five Singaporeans in their 60s arrested, almost 1kg of heroin found hidden in coffee packets

The seized drugs from the operations have an estimated street value of about $66,000, said CNB.

Man molested daughter, but report made 9 years later after mum said 'there's no hard evidence'

Father, now 61, convicted of two molestation charges after a trial.


Interactive: Blankets of love for seniors at S'pore nursing home

Volunteers with Blanket Of Love, a charity project, make blankets that go to seniors at Sunshine Welfare Action Mission Home.